Welcome to iso-pack.com

Michael Procos S.A. is an internationally established producer of plastic cutlery, foam cups, confectionary containers, injection glasses, cup lids and PET cups in a wide variety of sizes adhering to the highest standards of manufacturing and environmental responsibility. Our customers, enjoy extensive customization services such us private labeling packaging options as well as custom product design and printing. The greatest testament of our quality, customer satisfaction and performance is the fact that our products are utilized by many well known brands in Greece and abroad exclusively through our wide network of wholesale suppliers that serve our markets.

International Presence

Michael Procos S.A. exports its products mainly to European countries while it is steadily expanding its dealership network to other areas of the world.


Quick Response

Through our modern production facility we are capable of responding swiftly and efficiently to customer requests while delivering products of the highest quality in the market.

Wide Range of sizes

We produce the most popular sizes in the market and offer comprehensive options for custom ordering to further cover our customers’ needs.


Environmental Responsibility

We employ efficient, clean methods of production having achieved dramatic reduction in energy consumption while supporting recycling and eco-sensitive raw materials during every step of the production process.

Markets we serve


Units produced per day.

Continuous investment in new machinery and infrastructure incorporating cutting edge technology increase our capacity and expand our capabilities in customization options. Additionally, planned strategic choices and new production tools  allow us to serve our customers by supplying products that meet and exceeds their expectations in every market that we serve.